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Labor protection

Preservation work

The labour safety system in the state wood economic establishment «Orshansky timber enterprise» is certificated according to standard СТБ18001-2009. In timber enterprise course educations on a labour safety and the accident prevention with the woodcutter woods, workers of forest areas, wood preservation, drivers, tractor operators, working tree processing shops, workers РММ, loaders, builders, huntsmen, sentry preservation and younger attendants are made.

Course training is made, agrees the developed programs and the examination graph.

In 2011 planned certification of workplaces for working conditions is made. The worker, working in harmful working conditions gives away milk, agrees the sanitary code and rules on 0,5 litres of milk at date of work. To all workers occupied on works with harmful working conditions and production factors, on the basis of the made certification of workplaces of timber enterprise, surcharge for work in work unfavorable conditions is manufactured.

All citizens employed in timber enterprise, in forest areas pass pre-award medical inspection in timber enterprise directions.

The workers constantly working in contact to harmful production factors, pass periodic obligatory medical inspection. In timber enterprise daily to be made by the medical worker pretrip survey of drivers, tractor operators, machine operators. All forest areas are provided by devices «Alkotest - 203» where also to be made pretrip survey of drivers, tractor operators and random inspection of other workers.

Orders, orders, decisions of the higher bodies, concerning a labour safety and the accident prevention, arriving in timber enterprise, are lead up to all divisions of timber enterprise.

Transportation of workers and wood preservation on working fields the wood economic and the wood procuring works is manufactured for production on timber enterprise transport. On expressly equipped cars of mark УАЗ, Gas - 66 and ЗИЛ131 which are fixed in each forest area and the wood procuring brigades.

Certain work on control over a labour safety state is made, days and weeks of a labour safety, and also periodic control are spent.

With a view of accident prevention on production improvements of professional skill in specialised educational and in РУЦ"Wood" of the Ministry of a forestry are carried out training of workers by special and interfacing trades, and also.

In 2010 on a labour safety it is spent 175,8 million roubles, including for one worker of 418,5 thousand roubles.

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