Reforestation - Orsha forestry



Park of the Kopyssky forest area

Park of the Kopyssky forest area has been put in 1978 on the area of 6 hectares. The park terrain is differentiated on 8 sections: Belarus, the Far East (2 sections), Central Asia, Crimea-caucasus, Europe, Siberia, the North America.

Avenues are formed by alightings of a chestnut horse, arborvitaes Western, Viburnums red, mountain ashes ordinary, fur-trees prickly. Width of the basic avenues 4 – 5 metres. Then the park terrain began to increase at the expense of the adjoining areas and has reached the areas of 10 hectares.



Park regularly replenishes with planting of trees and bushes therefore number of growing trees and bushes has reached 842 pieces of representing 225 kinds.

In limens park of decorative plantations the mountain ash plantation black fruits by the area of 3 hectares is created, the Alpine hill is arranged, is available apiary with bees. Directly to park with decorative plantations «the Hunting house» and a fire reservoir adjoins.

On park with decorative plantations excursions including schoolboys and studying youth are regularly led.

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