Ecological path - Orsha forestry

Ecological path

Ecological route is designed on the territory  of Kopyssky forestry and the village council.

The route length is 6 kilometers.

There are  such objects on the route as:

-Yanka Kupala Museum;

- Kopyssky forestry dendro garden;

- Hunting lodge facilities;

- A spring;

- Peter shaft.

In addition,  there is original landscaping of  v. Kopys for excursions.

Погода Орша
Утро +9..+11°C
5-7 м/с
День +10..+12°C
6-8 м/с
Вечер +7..+9°C
3-5 м/с
Ночь +6..+7°C
3-5 м/с
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